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Inventions You Wish We Didn’t Need

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Remember When Life Was Simple?

Okay, maybe life was never simple, per se, but it seems to me that humans always go and make things more complicated, myself included.

Every day, news thoughts and ideas are born that hope to make the world a better place. Many of these come to fruition with massive impacts leading to peace, happiness, and prosperity. Sometimes, we invent things that later generations will question how anyone ever could have lived without.

On the other hand, what feels like a vast majority of popular inventions are temporary answers and not permanent solutions. Look around you right now. What do you have that you wish you could live without?

Turns out, many inventions just go to show humanity’s weaknesses and problems, from murder to greed to laziness. Some of these devices help us ignore the real issues at hand, but don’t you wish there were a better way?

inventions rape whistle

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inventions snuggie

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I assume I’m like most other people when I say I’d love to be comfortable at all times. Perhaps in some distant future, no one will ever have to get out of bed in order to do work and be productive in society. In the meantime, we have Snuggies, the blankets with sleeves that simultaneously make their wearers look like wizards and total idiots.

If aliens could only see us now…


inventions taxes

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I get it, I get it: who’s going to fix the potholes? Who’s going to run the government and make our towns function? And yet still, it’s my money, and I hate seeing half my paycheck disappear to Uncle Sam. Sigh.