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Inventions You Wish We Didn’t Need

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The Atomic Bomb

inventions atomic bomb

Source: Twitter @granadosperciv1

Sure, you could make this argument for any sort of weapon: explosives, guns, even hunting knives. But while those things can be used in everyday life for specific professions or tasks, enormously powerful bombs that can only lead to mass casualties and — perhaps one day — the end of civilization?

The fact that we felt the need to invent such a bomb just reflects on the sorry state of the world, past and present.

Bulletproof Blankets

inventions bulletproof blankets

Source: Twitter @TheLifeSayin

Sounds like a good idea right? Well, that depends. The concept of a bulletproof blanket that could save children’s lives during school shootings could prove miraculous one day, but its a reactionary idea that fails to solve the problem that mass shootings happen in the first place. Hopefully no one will ever need to use these, but hopefully, if they do, it saves their life.

Herpes Meds, Hemorrhoid Cream, et al.

inventions hemmorhoid cream

Source: Twitter @subredditsbot

To some people, products such as hemorrhoid cream might be a lifesaver, but like many other creations on this list, isn’t it sort of sad that we need them in the first place? You could take that argument on the level of any medicine, from common colds to HIV or AIDS. While we’re so lucky as a society to have invented medicines to help people live fully with or overcome these ailments, don’t you wish we could just cure them, or that they never existed in the first place? In a perfect world…