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Inventions You Wish We Didn’t Need

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inventions security

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Security in all forms, from armed men and women suited up to protect people and places, to passwords for online accounts, are a necessity in today’s day and age. After all, we’re just being safe.

But if we need to be so defensive, doesn’t it go to show that humans are inherently bad and violent, or at least that we are inherently capable of resorting to measures that make people need security in the first place?

Toilet Paper

inventions toilet paper

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I get it. We need it. But why haven’t we constructed a better biology/ digestive system for ourselves yet? We could be a poop-free world. Come on, science.

The Bacon Wave

inventions bacon wave

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Another infomercial item, the Bacon Wave is marketed as the perfect solution to cooking crispy bacon in the microwave.

There’s just one small problem: why are you cooking bacon in the microwave in the first place?