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Iranian “Hulk” is the Closest Thing to the Real Superhero

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AKA: The Persian Hercules

The story of The Amazing Hulk is one of our favorites. If you didn’t know, it follows the life of Bruce Banner who inherited superhuman genes from his father that strengthened his human cellular response, making them effectively impervious to any weapon. After Bruce was exposed to huge amounts of gamma radiation, he gained the ability to morph into an enormous green creature with incredible strength.

Now this story is just a fantasy, but a human doppelganger version of The Hulk exists on Earth today and you have to check him out!!

The Incredible Human Hulk

Source: Instagram @sajadgharibii

Look out Marvel, you might have just found your new superhero…or supervillain

Superhuman Strength

Sajad Gharibi flexing his muscles

Source: Instagram @sajadgharibii

Sajad Gharibi, 24, from Iran is shocking the social media world with his enormous body size and likeness to The Incredible Hulk. He has over 100k followers on Instagram where he posts about his weight lifting life.


Sajad Gharibi wearing an Iranian flag

Source: Instagram @sajadgharibii

The gigantic powerlifter often takes part in bodybuilding competitions and always proudly represents his home country of Iran.