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Is Blood Sausage The Next Superfood?

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Food fads come and go (I’m looking at you, cronut) but I like to think superfoods are here to stay. Now that we know the nutrional powerhouse of certain whole foods, a lot of diets have changed for the better. New to superfoods or starting a New Year’s resolution of eating healthier? Read on about superfoods and the not-so-scary blood sausage that’s actually full of nutrients.

superfood bowl

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Find out all about this speciality food!

What’s a superfood?


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Super foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. That’s why everyone became obsessed with kale in the last couple of years. Other examples of superfoods are blueberries, chia seeds, salmon and lentils.

What exactly is blood sausage?

close up of blood pudding

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Also known as black pudding, it is often a breakfast staple in the UK, Ireland, and in many other European countries as well. Understandably, it’s intimidating name has put off lots of Americans. Also called as blood pudding, it is made from pig’s blood. Every country has it’s own special recipe, but the British version often has another superfood added to it — oats.