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If You’re Alive in 30 Years, You Could Live to Be 1,000, Says Theory

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As technology improves nonstop, are humans climbing closer towards immortality?

It’s the theme of a thousand works of fiction and a dream that has haunted mankind for thousands of years: what would it be like to live forever?

Whether a blessing or a curse, immortality, or at least extended rejuvenation has fascinated our species for longer than we know, yet we have long attributed bridging the gap between man and god to magic, fantasy, or miracles.

But what if science could continue bringing us closer to improved and elongated life, as it has been doing for hundreds of years?

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This theory purports that we could be well on our way to living to be a thousand. Here’s how:

Thanks to constantly-improving technology and medicine, the average human lifespan has been expanding for centuries.

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Each new technological development or medical breakthrough only help us combat or prevent death and disease better than before. It would be these very advancements that our race would depend on to extend our lifespans.

But how can we reach that point? With technology, which is advancing very rapidly.

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Source: haakonsk.blogg/ Ray Kurzweil “The Singularity is Near – When Humans Transcend Biology”

Specifically, according to the principle of Moore’s Law, which states that the number of computer transistors—and therefore computing power—doubles every two years, our potential for research, development, and advancement algorithmically increases over time.