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If You’re Alive in 30 Years, You Could Live to Be 1,000, Says Theory

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Not only are computers getting faster, but they are getting smarter as well.

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It’s well known that supercomputers can outsmart some of the world’s most intelligent humans in questions of logic, trivia, and logical games like chess, and that even regular computers are more capable at solving complex mathematical problems than humans are. Thanks to computer-aided technology, we are also able to 3D print body parts and organs, as well as perform operations and surgeries that drastically improve affected individuals’ chances of survival.

According to the theory, it’s only a matter of time before most computers outsmart human intelligence and our natural capabilities of logic and problem solving, something that Bill Gates suspects will happen by 2045.

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For the past few decades, computer technology has been increasingly used for medicine and biology, and we are already able to edit genes and create physical chromosomes based on computer designs.

While the theory may seem fanciful, it proposes that given current biological capabilities on computers, and based on Moore’s law that implies these capabilities will only continue to improve, it will only be a matter of time before computers can undo damage caused by aging, and even rejuvenate humans enough to prolong life to hundreds, if not a thousand, years.

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