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Is Dad Bod Ken The Perfect Boyfriend For New ‘Realistic’ Barbie?

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Complete with beer cooler and franks!

dad bod ken

Credit: Twitter @theinquisitr

What about bald triathlete Ken? Or pale white gamer Ken?


dad bod ken

Credit: Twitter @BenjaminJS

While this may seem like a tit-for-tat scenario, the representation of the female body and the male body within our culture is wildly different argues Carolyn Cox, writer for The Mary Sue. “Ken’s body is less political than Barbie’s, because men’s bodies aren’t as politicized as women’s. As such, I think certain expectations are placed on women as a direct result of Barbie and other unrealistic portrayals in media, but that might be less true for men and Ken.”

Cox argues that while it’s important for us to stretch inclusivity for men, it’s not nearly as dire as its been for women, and that the milestone in changing how little girls see the female body growing up shouldn’t be distracted by or equated to the need for a Ken equivalent.

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