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Is Kissing Your Kids on the Lips Okay?

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To some it’s natural, to others, it’s strange.

There’s been a debate over whether adults should kiss children on the lips for probably as long as kissing has been around. And as cultures have moved around and people have migrated around the world, kissing customs have caused controversy. None may be more heated than that of how you should kiss a child, however.

Personally, my parents and family members never kissed me on the lips, and, yes, I do find it rather odd, though I can’t explain exactly why. It’s not like you kiss your grown up children on the lips, so why would you kiss a child there? But, frankly, I don’t care about what other people do all that much.

But there are people out there who care so much that they call out adults who do it and say that it’s wrong: they say that it’s rather filthy and inappropriate to do so. Victoria Beckham is the latest person to be shamed for kissing her child on the lips, and it’s caused a firestorm of debate over the rightness or wrongness of adults kissing children on the lips. Is it okay or not?

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The kissing debate rages on.

Why It’s Weird

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The most common reason people give for not appreciating adults kissing children on the lips is because it seems pedophilic or incestuous. They don’t believe that the adult is assaulting or harming the child necessarily, but that adults touching lips with a child feels wrong. Kissing on the lips is almost totally confined to adults who are romantically involved in most cultures. Kissing is usually seen as a romantic or sexual gesture, not a simple non-descript affectionate one. Many people confine kissing children to the head, cheeks, or hands, but don’t cross over to the lips.

The adults in my life never kissed me on the lips, and I don’t feel completely comfortable with seeing it today. I know that when I’m getting to know a new possible romantic partner, I finally show him that I’m ready to move on to the next level of intimacy by kissing him on the lips. The first kiss is usually just a peck. I wouldn’t feel comfortable kissing a child this way. But I would never say that someone shouldn’t be affectionate toward their child in any manner that they feel is right as long as it never crosses over to abuse. People are very split on the matter…

How Others Feel

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A forum on tackles the issue, and the results are mixed.

I think it’s a bit odd. My FIL always used to try and kiss me on the lips, I’d turn my head. Not sure why, just feels a bit intimate. (Doyouthinktheysaurus)

Yep, another one who finds it weird. Not judging you at all, it is just a bit too intimate for me. (GreetingsFrontBottom)

Normal. I kiss my family on the lips.(Tee2072)

Normal for me and my family as well. Seems weird not too (SkinnybitchWannabe)