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Is This Blind, Self-Taught Guitar Player the Next King of the Blues?

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Everyday I have the blues…

When you think of the great blues artists of our time, you think of B.B. King, Ma Rainey, Muddy Waters, or John Lee Hooker. The last person you’d probably ever think of is tiny, white, blind boy from Quebec.

Félix De St-Hilaire, who was born six months premature and totally blind, was just six years old when he got his first guitar. Though he doesn’t speak much, Félix quickly began to teach himself to play the instrument, as if it were a slide guitar, by listening along to the radio. Shortly after picking up playing, Félix’s parents realized what a talent he had, specifically for blues music, even though he couldn’t see the guitar and the lyrics were in English, which is not his native tongue.

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Source: YouTube @foundationaveuglesqc

Four years later, when Félix was ten, he participated in a summer camp run by the Quebec Foundation for the Blind when he decided to perform for some of his fellow campers. Little did his teacher know how viral his video would soon go…

This little boy has big talent.

In this original video, watch as Félix surprises his class with a powerful rendition of the blues standard “Every Day I Have the Blues” in the style of B.B. King. Once he starts, his fellow campers immediately start moving their feet with the rocking rhythm.

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The soccer pajamas! Can’t handle the cuteness, or this profound talent.

After the viral success of the original video, Félix’s teacher from camp went to the boy’s house to tell him about how many views his performance videos were getting online. The little boy’s reaction is so cute and unassuming, it melts my heart.

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