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Jaden Smith Is A Shirtless Gender-Fluid Hero In This Photo

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Jaden Smith has once again proved that a dude in a skirt is NBD.

The Karate Kid actor, model, Twitter-philosophizer and son of Will and Jada hopped on the gender fluid clothing trend early in early 2015. In his latest snap for Vogue Korea, posted to his Instagram account, Jaden has never looked better – flowers, nails-did, and all. Check out the shirtless pic, and find out which womenswear campaign he’s been featured in lately…

jaden smith vogue shot in skirt

Credit: Instagram @jadensmith

Will Jaden become the poster boy of he gender-neutral fashion trend?

Jaden’s Shoot for Vogue Korea

“Just Come Here”

A photo posted by Jaden Smith (@christiaingrey) on

17-year-old Jaden Smith is looking more confident than ever (though lack of confidence has never seemed to be his issue), in a photo shot by Peter Ash Lee for Vogue Korea. “Just Come Here,” the photo is captioned. Jaden is standing bold and shirtless, accented with a bright red flower in his hair, blue nail polish, and looking comfy in some sort of knit skirt. If this is where non-binary fashion is headed – we’re on board.

And the internet is *really* feeling Jaden’s new look…