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Jaden Smith Is A Shirtless Gender-Fluid Hero In This Photo

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Louis Vuitton has also decided to tap into the young actor’s style.

LV has also snatched the young celebrity’s look for their forthcoming womanswear campaign in January. LV creative director Nicholas Ghesquière even shared a few sneak-peek photos of what the season’s looks were bringing, featuring Jaden in the foreground standing amidst a group of pale, waifish models wearing a leather jacket and another skirt.

Jaden with his LV crew.

But this isn’t the first time Jaden’s given gender norms the middle finger…

Jaden’s been proving gender has nothing to do his clothing choices for years.

So will Jaden become the face of the gender-fluid fashion trend? We give him two thumbs up. If sexuality and gender aren’t binary, why should we see our clothes that way?

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