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Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Respond To Orlando Shooter With Anti-Gay Religious Quotes

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What’s The Significance of Jessa and Ben’s Quotes?

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar posing with newborn baby

Source: Instagram @jessaseewald

As humans, we have the ability to filter out white noise, which, to me, is exactly what the Duggars are in the media. Spectacle. But there are millions of people subject to Ben and Jessa’s social influence, and the message they’re sending in response to the Orlando massacre isn’t one of love.

The face value of Ben and Jessa’s messages is that Christians, true followers of Jesus, would never commit an atrocity like a mass shooting. But beneath the surface, their messages seek to remind followers that their religion paints many of the Pulse victims as sinners.

So objectively, Ben and Jessa are devastated that a bunch of people were shot. But when it comes down to the specifics of the targeted gay population… let’s just say you won’t find the Duggars lining up to donate blood to the victims.

As if these insensitive anti-gay posts weren’t bad enough, let’s not forget that Jessa Duggar has another political agenda concerning the Orlando shooting, and it only gets worse. KEEP READING to find out why the conservative Duggars felt the need to speak up in the first place.

Guns, Baby!

photo of Jessa Duggar posing with an assault rifle

Source: Facebook @Ben Seewald

This famous photo of Jessa sporting an semi-automatic rifle, not unlike the ones easily purchased by many mass-shooters, says it all.

The Duggar family, head by dad Jim Bob, is raised with a firm belief in the Second Amendment. “We’ve all used knives to cut a steak or open a box. It’s really not the gun or the knife,” Jim Bob said in an interview with The Daily Mail. “It’s the person who has it in their hands.”

A common sentiment following these all-too-common mass shootings is that we can’t pray away tragedies like this; effective change will come from a shift in legislation whose founding principles are centuries-old, relics of a different world.

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