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Jetpack Above New York City Like a Boss

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See the Big Apple from Above

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Source: YouTube @JetPackAviation

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… New York’s first and only jet pack.

Since ancient mythology, the idea of humans flying has been a tantalizing dream (though we all saw what happened to Icarus.) Going as far back as the 1920s, jetpacks have been a staple of science fiction, with humans and aliens alike using specially designed packs to soar into the sky.

Now those dreams are becoming a reality, and new jetpack designs thrill the engineering community every time they go viral. But now one company claims to have invented the only true jetpack on the market.

The CEO and test pilot of JetPack Aviation came out this week saying that their JB-9 design is “different to anything else being flown, or [that] has been flown historically.” Then he had his inaugural flight right in New York City, flying around the Statue of Liberty.

Could this be any more epic? Watch the video below and SHARE if you want to try this baby out.

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