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John Malkovich and the Movie You Will Never See

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Especially Safe

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At Cannes this year, people will able to see the film on display, although it will not be shown. The Movie You Will Never See is currently being kept in a safe that was specially designed to not open until 2115 and is otherwise impenetrable.

The safe is going to be moved around the world for promotional reasons before being locked away in a vault provided by Louis XIII cognac, which helped produce the movie.

Now watch the trailer to see what you think…

The Most You’ll Ever See of This Movie

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What do you think? The futuristic snippets seem fairly run of the mill, and we’re not sure if John Malkovich is underplaying the role, or if he’s just relying on his famous dryness. Either way, we won’t have to worry since we’ll be gone long before the premiere.

I wonder when tickets for Cannes 2115 go on sale…

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