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Juicy Revenge Stories From Reddit

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Ah…sweet, sweet revenge.

While some people go a little too far with their revenge, a little petty revenge here and there is often extremely satisfying. There’s nothing like a minor gesture to say “Eff you!” to someone who has hurt you. We’ve all been guilty of petty revenges at some point: maybe you prank someone with toilet papering their house or giving rude customers incorrect change. These Redditors shared their tales of giving people some comeuppance.

pricking of a voodoo doll

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“Revenge may be wicked, but it’s natural.” ―William Makepeace Thackeray

There’s no accounting for taste.

tom petty playing guitar on stage for haiti benefir

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ass_munch_reborn: “Some asshole at a bar told me that he hated smooth adult-contemporary rock. So, I went to the jukebox and just played ‘Free-Falling’ and ‘Last Dance with Mary Jane’ for an hour
I literally got ‘Petty’ Revenge.”

Tomato Butts

lots of slices of tomatoes

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hePurplePlatypuses: “I work at subway, and if someone is rude to me, I give them the ends of the tomatoes. haHA!”