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Juicy Revenge Stories From Reddit

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Child’s Play

close up of cute little boy making angry face

Credit: wckiw/Shutterstock

tapedeckgh0st: “In kindergarten, It was my turn to pick out the book for storytime. However, the teacher forgot, and picked the kid next to me instead (I think his name was Dave). So, I screamed a lot and hit Dave in the head with a toy truck, then called the teacher an asshole.”

Mic Drop

close up of different colored sharpies

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rconnelly20: “My teacher was being a total bitch so I switched the caps on all the sharpies. I didn’t choose the thug life.”

The dog did it!

puppy looking guilty after peeing on carpet

Credit: Olimpik/Shutterstock

MACandSteez: “I hated my old room mate with a passion. She use to think her 10 week old puppy was peeing on her pile of clean clothes. It wasn’t the puppy.”