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Katy Perry Strips Down to Get Your Vote to Count

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She’s Perfection

While the 2016 presidential candidates aren’t exactly ideal, you can’t deny that this year’s election is as important as ever. We’re less than two months away from November 8th, and things are seriously gearing up. We’re seeing more presidential commercials, the debates have officially begun, and campaigns to get people to vote are increasing by the day. Rock the Vote and Funny or Die are pairing together with Katy Perry and encouraging young voters to head out on voting Tuesday in a hilarious bit that will leave you wanting to see more… if that was possible.


Source: Instagram @katyperry

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In the Buff

Katy Perry Hilary Shirt

Source: Instagram @katyperry

We’ve known since the beginning of election season that Katy Perry has been a HUGE supporter of Hillary Clinton. She’s advertised her “I’m With Her” campaign on social media, sang at her rallies, and even went on tour with her for a while.

In this Funny or Die skit, Katy drops her political preference (and her clothes) to encourage anybody and everybody to register and vote!! We knew something was coming when she teased her fans on Twitter yesterday writing, “TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD”… we just didn’t know it would be this good.

Looking Like Crap


Source: YouTube @Funny or Die

In the video, Katy explains, “This year, you can look like s**t when you vote. Yep, I’ve briefly scanned the constitution and nowhere does it say you can’t just roll out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in. In the name of democracy, any just-out-of-bed look is a-okay.”

She takes her hot-mess self to the polling station, and shows that you can vote in anything from a onesie, to that “free XL T-shirt you got from your bank.” She continues that “any just out of bed look is a-OK… and if you’re like me, I sleep naked! Yep let those babies loose!”