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Kentucky Judge Is Making Headlines Again by Allowing Inmate to Meet Baby

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In this courtroom, you’re not just a number

A female judge in Kentucky is showing that she’s truly a public servant with not one, but two acts of kindness in her courtroom. She called the local jail during a court case to reprimand the staff for their inhumane behavior to a female inmate. And now she helped a man meet his newborn child for the very first time before he heads back to jail. This judge understands that even those that have made mistakes are people first.

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Judge Amber Wolf won my heart.

A Public Servant

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Judges are supposed to serve the public, but so many of them seem incredibly callous and disconnected from the weight of incarceration. Judge Amber Wolf, however, takes her role very seriously. She claimed, “I have dedicated my life and my career to public service and will continue to do so. I am honest, hard-working and dedicated and I have served on both sides of the criminal legal system with integrity, honor and compassion.” And, her recent actions back that up.

Jail Mistreatment

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Judge Amber Wolf’s courtroom footage went viral when she was handling a case of a first-time shoplifter. The young woman had no prior record, so the Judge refused to accept the sentence that the prosecution requested. Seeing the Judge empathy, the defense attorney told Judge Wolf that while in jail, the woman was denied pants. The woman was forced to wear just a long t-shirt. The attorney also divulged that her client was denied feminine hygiene products. The Judge was floored.