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Kids Inventions That Were Brought To Life

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Dominic Wilcox is a British designer and inventor from Sunderland, United Kingdom. Wilcox’s zany inventions have been displayed in exhibits around the world, and the level of creativity and innovation in his work is undeniable. But when Dominic appeared on Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about his work, one thing shocked audiences: he had left school as a young man.

It was actually a tutor named Charlie Holmes who showed Wilcox a book of intentions that inspired his passion and life’s work. The huge impact this gesture had inspired Wilcox to extend the favor to the children in his hometown. So he launched a project called “INVENTORS!” in which he leads workshops to inspire and encourage children to design their own inventions, and links them with craftsmen in the area to bring their inventions to life.

Kids Inventions That Were Brought TO Life


The INVENTORS! website describes their mission as, “Instead of just putting the drawings on the fridge door as most adults do with a child’s drawings, why not push the ideas as far as they can go? Taking the power of children’s imaginations seriously and see where it leads to.”

Needless to say, the imaginations of these young kids ran wild, and the inventions they came up with range from fantastical to AMAZINGLY useful!

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A Self-Watering Plant Pot

Kids Inventions That Were Brought TO Life


Are you constantly killing your house plants because you’re horrible at remembering to water them? Well this 10-year-old has invented a pot that waters itself based on a timer that you can program. Being an adult isn’t so hard when you have kids there to help you!

Is Your Hand Too Big For The Pringles Can?

Kids Inventions That Were Brought TO Life


We’ve all been here before: you need to get the chips at the bottom of the tube, but you don’t want to tip it over cause then all the crumbs will fall out but your hand can’t fit all the way down there. Problem solved! (Except for one teensy thing – how does one get the hook in the can without taking all the chips out? We’ll let it slide this time, Georgia. Because we like the way you think!)