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Kids Who Accidentally Bought Things Online

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“There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

I’m old enough where I can remember a time before the internet. To shop, you had to physically go to the store or take your chances with mail order catalogues. Kids these days have the advantage of growing up with easier ways to shop, like with Amazon. But some wee children don’t have the ability to read or the motor skills to properly work a smart phone or computer. Sometimes they just press and swipe whatever looks appealing.

Kids randomly clicking on things can lead to accidental purchases of random items. Or older children who have no concept of money rack up huge bills. Read these hilarious stories from parents who had to deal with these expensive purchases.

two kids on smart phone and tablet

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Let’s go on a shopping spree, mom!

Boys be shoppin’

harrier jet

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A 7-year-old boy tried to buy a Harrier Jump Jet off eBay. The cost? $113,515. Of course the purchase was so high that the cyber police took note and shut the whole thing down.


canary islands

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An 18-month-old British girl bought plane tickets for the family to the Canary Islands. “I was browsing flights with Ryanair on the laptop and she managed to confirm our names with random letters and even paid via PayPal in euros,” her mother said. The family actually went on the trip, which cost about $1000.