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Lane Bryant Targets Online Body Shaming in Inspirational Campaign

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Bigger Bombshells get the attention they deserve

It’s sad that there are still people who feel the need to tear down other people; especially those whose who don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. We all come in different shapes and sizes; and the diversity it’s part of what makes us great. More and more people are becoming less judgmental of others, which is social progress: and this includes body-positivity. There will always be body shamers who have nothing better to do with their time. But hopefully the fact that more advertisers are finally embracing woman who aren’t supermodels will change more minds. A plus size clothing retailer has just launched an awesome new campaign to make more women feel empowered and not to be embarrassed to show off their bodies.


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All women should feel this free



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Just a few months ago JCPenney launched their “Here I Am” campaign, which featured successful plus sized women who are comfortable and proud in their own skin. JCPenney joins Aerie, Nike and Dove who also have ads that promote female empowerment.

Unfortunately forging a new and positive path for body image doesn’t come without its haters and critics are just waiting to pounce saying such ads glorify obesity, and that larger women should take care of their health.

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Lane Bryant has been around since 1904, originally starting as maternity clothes retailer. It’s easy to see why they took off like wildfire as most clothing retailers don’t cater to plus sized women even though there are millions of women (about 65% of women in fact) who need apparel larger than a size 14. It was an untapped market and Lane Bryant was practically the only option these women had. Now with over 800 stores, other retailers such as ModCloth, ELOQUII, and Torrid, are finally waking up and following suit and many more keep popping up.