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Lesbian Forced to Leave Women’s Bathroom When North Carolina Police Refuse to Believe She’s a Woman

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The War on Bathrooms Continues

UPDATE: The authenticity of this video is now being disputed online. Regardless of where or when this incident took place, our feelings on the deplorable issue at hand remain the same.

Remember when you were a kid and everything was so simple? The sky was blue, the grass was green, and things were either good or bad, yes or no, black or white. As we grow older, most of us come to realize that things were never actually so binary, and that most social issues are dominated by a large grey space that deserves our respect and attention.

In recent weeks, chances are you’ve caught wind of the country’s war on public bathrooms and changing rooms as state and local governments crack down on the trans community by attempting to refuse entrance to these intimate spaces to any individual who does not fully conform to our preconceived and, indeed, childish notions of “man” and “woman,” “male and female.”

Nowhere is this battle more heated than in North Carolina, where the state government is trying its very hardest to segregate cisgender citizens from those who don’t fit the stereotypical molds of masculine men and feminine women.

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This story is truly upsetting and shows the inherent contradictions in North Carolina’s bathroom law.

House Bill 2

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Though the unnecessarily contentious issue of trans rights is nothing new—since “liberty and justice for all” has always excluded different groups throughout American history—in recent months, the battle has moved from the courts and into the bathrooms.

It’s almost ridiculous that in our “advanced” day and age our nation’s highest courts can still be so worried about something so elementary as who can use what bathroom, but apparently state legislators have nothing better to do than try and marginalize yet another minority group.

In North Carolina, everything started when Governor Patrick McCrory signed House Bill 2 (HB2) into effect, legally prohibiting people from using public bathrooms or changing facilities that do not match up with their “biological sex” as written on their birth certificates.


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One major concern about HB2, aside from the fact that it violates basic human rights by denying people the right to use the bathroom they feel most comfortable in, is that it’s based purely on our subjective perception of what makes a man and man and what makes a woman a woman.

When you use a public restroom, are you paying close attention to every stranger also in there with you, or do you mind your own business? Personally, if I need to use a public bathroom, I’m in and out as fast as possible, trying my best to not touch anything before thoroughly washing my hands. That doesn’t leave me with much time to analyze how masculine I think every other guy in there is, but apparently, in states like North Carolina, people are very concerned about who’s using the stall next to them.