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Lifeguards Share Their Most Ridiculous Stories

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Guarding Lives and Secrets

When you think of summertime, you think of the beach, or, at the very least, of the pool or lake. Swimming freely is the perfect way to cool down under the hot sun, but it comes with its own dangers, namely drowning.

Luckily we have lifeguards, those perfectly-bronzed, scantily-clad saviors of summer who keep us safe all summer long, always looking perfectly coiffed while doing it. But being a lifeguard isn’t always as dignified as sitting high on that stand or saving lives. Sometimes, lifeguards have to deal with much more humbling problems, such as faulty bathing suits or unidentified floating objects that can clear out an entire pool.

Redditors turned to lifeguards from beaches, pools, and water parks and asked them to share their embarrassing stories or hilarious tales, and this is what they came up with.

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It’s so much more than Baywatch.


lifeguard stories poo in water

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a kid had explosive diarrhea in our wave pool a couple years back and I remember scanning and watching this family exit the pool and there was this trail of yellowish colored water behind one of the kids. Me and the other guard on my side of the pool were really confused as to what it was until a supervisor came over and yeah. That was fun. (vixxnly)

Everybody’s Toilet

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Second or third day on the job near the end of a swim a little girl runs over to where we keep our mats and pool toys. Being close to the end (~2 min) I turn to inform her that the swim was about to end, and she can grab the toy if she wants, but there’s no point really.

As I turn I see her squat down and just relieve herself through her swim suit. Right then the swim was called, I made sure my water was clear, and I walked away and clocked out.
Maybe not super awkward, but the feeling of “nope” was strong. (LordRollin)