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Little Girl Dresses Up as Hot Dog on Princess Day

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We Think She Totally Grilled the Competition.

Princesses and hotdog princess sitting on floor

Credit: Twitter @graysonl3

Grayson Lamontagne, another teacher at Holly Springs, said she wanted to share the pictures “first of all because it was so innocent and cute, and also because I was so impressed with how confident a little girl could be with herself to just wear whatever she liked the best. Her parents and I agree that it’s a great message for young girls and they are, as I can imagine, very proud of Ainsley.”

We completely agree!!

Ainsley Was Asked to Come and Open Her School’s Recital.

Princess Hotdog pictured with her dance teacher during recital

Credit: Twitter @marilynhssod

And guess what she showed up in…that’s right! Her favorite costume. Ainsley’s dad went on twitter and wrote, “No parent is ready to learn that their daughter is trending….#hotdogprincess. Best part is it was all her idea!”. Glad to see such strong support!

Lesson of the Day? Always Be Yourself…

Dancers grouped around hotdog princess

Credit: Twitter @faithdance143

And sometimes, it’s ok to be a weenie – if you own it. Be sure to SHARE this article and promote individuality!!