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Little Girl Mistakes Walmart Shopper For Santa, So He Plays Along With It

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Santa Claus Spotted at Walmart

little girl finds santa at walmart

Source: Facebook @Robin Riley

Sophie Jo believes in the spirit of Christmas. And now she can prove to her friends that Santa Claus exists after running into him while shopping with her father. Where? The Walmart in Hurricane, West Virginia, of all places.

Our resident “Santa” is actually just a local named Roger Larck who was getting some of his own Christmas shopping done, but when he was stopped in the store by a sweet little girl under the assumption that he was Jolly Old St. Nick, he just couldn’t help playing along. Watch their adorable interaction on the next page…

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The Man In the Big Red…T-Shirt?

Robert Riley and His daughter Sophie

Sophie Jo and her dad Robert Riley Source: Facebook/@RobertRiley

Roger and Robin Beaver-Larck were shopping at their local Walmart when a little girl started following Roger around the store under the assumption that the relatively rotund man in a red t-shirt and big white beard was none other than Santa. After tracing his steps quietly for a bit, Roger knelt down to chat with the girl, named Sophie Jo, and asks her a few key questions in character. Her dad Robert Riley captured the moment with his phone.

Have You Been a Good Girl This Year?

Sophie found Santa at Walmart this evening. She saw him then kept sneaking up on him. She asked him if he was Santa at…

Posted by Robert Riley on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

After asking Sophie Jo if she’s been a good little girl this year, the two have a conversation about cookies, reindeer, and Sohpie’s excitement for the upcoming holiday. Apparently, this is something that Roger likes to do around this time of year to help bring a little magic into the hearts of kids, knowing that he bears a resemblance to the man in red. “This is my hubby talking to a little girl at Walmart,” wrote his wife Robin about the experience,” She thought he was Santa!! He grows his beard every year just for this purpose.”