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Little Girl With Rare Syndrome Finds Unlikely Friend

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In the photo below, they may look like opposites but they are BFFs. There’s a huge powerlifter and motivational speaker David Douglas who is nicknamed “The Beast.” Next to him in the photo is petite Lindsay Ratcliffe, who suffers from progeria, a rare genetic disorder that causes children to appear to age rapidly. How did these two become so close friends? This story will melt your heart and hopefully inspire you.

david douglas and lindsay 01

Source: Instagram @davidthebeastdouglas

“People looked at me as strong when everything about her was stronger.”

How they met

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Source: Instagram @davidthebeastdouglas

David is a former Marine, three-time Camp Pendleton athlete of the year. He can squat over 900 pounds, bench 600, and deadlift 770 at 29-years-old. He met 12-year-old Lindsay at Relentless, a powerlifting event sponsored by HopeKids to benefit children with rare diseases.

Her story

lindsay ratcliffe

Source: Facebook @Joey Ratcliffe

“At age 4 1/2 Lindsay was diagnosed with progeria. Progeria ages humans 8-10 times faster than normal, giving an average lifespan of 13 years old,” Douglas said. “Today Lindsay is 12 years old. You would never know that she was fighting something so hard because she is always smiling or giving some type of sarcastic answer to make you laugh.”