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Little Known Facts About the Blockbuster Show ‘Seinfeld’

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There are two types of people in this world: Those who watched Seinfeld religiously and those who didn’t watch it but know all about it anyway.

In fact, even if you’re too young to have enjoyed the show while it was on TV or if you simply weren’t a fan, chances are you’re more familiar with the sitcom than you might think.

Seinfeld jokes and references are omnipresent in society. From a man’s dreaded fear of shrinkage, to double-dipping, to exclaiming “Get out!” when someone tells you unexpected news, Seinfeldisms are everywhere, and countless people are familiar with them.

But even the most dedicated fans of the show aren’t familiar with these Seinfeld facts!

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Source: Sony Pictures Television

The series originally debuted as The Seinfeld Chronicles and several networks were hesitant to pick it up. NBC only found the money to pick it up and help with production by canceling a Bob Hope television special.

Cosmo Kessler

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Could you imagine Kramer as anyone but Kramer? Just watch the pilot episode and you’ll see that Kramer was originally called Kessler. That’s because Larry David had a real-life friend named Kramer who was hesitant to have his name used before acquiescing to a payment of $1,000 for the rights to his name.