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10 Little-Known Facts About ‘The Goonies’

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goonies facts pirate ship

Credit: Warner Bros.

The pirate ship used in the movie was completely real, and all of its interior shots were actually filmed on board. After filming, it was put up for sale, but nobody bought it and it was scrapped instead.

At 105 feet in length, it was modeled after Errol Flynn’s ship in 1940’s The Sea Hawk and wasn’t shown to any cast member until they had to film the scene when the kids first discover it. Luckily, some of it was later used in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Goonies Day

goonies fact goonies day astoria oregon


On the occasion of the film’s 30th anniversary in 2015, the mayor of Astoria, Oregon, where the movies is set and filmed, proclaimed June 7th to be Goonies Day. That sounds like one heck of a party!

Dirty Treasure Map

goonies facts map in attic

Credit: Amblin Entertainment/ Warner Bros./ Photofest

Production Designer J. Michael Riva said he wasn’t totally impressed with the prop of the treasure map, so he aged it by spilling coffee and–get this–his own blood on it. Now THAT’S dedication.

Sean Astin was allowed to keep the map as a memento after filming, but his mother found it years later and, assuming it was garbage, threw it out. Yikes.