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10 Little-Known Facts About ‘The Goonies’

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What’s In a Name?

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Credit: Amblin Entertainment/ Warner Bros./ Photofest

As a group, the Goonies are beloved for their nicknames and personalities, but did you ever stop to think that we rarely hear the characters’ names mentioned in the movie, if at all?

Michael Walsh is Mikey; Brandon Walsh is Brand; Clark Devereaux is Mouth; Richard Wang is Data; Lawrence Cohen is Chunk; Andrea Theresa Carmichael is Andy; Stephanie Steinbrenner is Stef; and Lotney Fratelli is Sloth.

These Are My Confessions

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Credit: Amblin Entertainment/ Warner Bros./ Photofest

When Chunk has his hilarious confession scene before the Fratellis, he says that he pushed his sister Edie down the stairs and stole his uncle Max’s toupee once. In real life, actor Jeff Cohen has a sister named Edie and an uncle named Max. Furthermore, Chunk’s real name in the movie is Lawrence Cohen, borrowing from his own last name.

The Brothers Brothers

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Credit: Amblin Entertainment/ Warner Bros./ Photofest

In Italian, “fratelli” means brothers, which makes the Fratelli Brothers the Brothers Brothers. Very original.