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Local Man Turns Snow Into Colorful Sculptures

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Stay Away from the Yellow Snow… Unless This Guy Made It

Let it snow, let it snow. It took winter long enough to start, but now that it’s finally here, it feels like it might last forever.

But in these dreary winter days, one man in Springville, Utah has been keeping things merry and bright by spicing up the world of white with a little color.

He’s sparked a colorful trend on the social media accounts of those who’ve seen his work, and yet the forums discussing his identity speak of him as though he were an urban legend and a jack of all trades.

Is this Utah’s very own “snow-Banksy”?

Reports of the man’s work began popping up on various social media platforms based around Springville, Utah, along with rumors about the man’s identity.

Snow art, the best thing about winter in Springville!

A photo posted by @skippyjack on

It may look like a giant sno-cone, but don’t eat this baby. The artist uses spray paint to make his snow art.

Though recently trending on Reddit, other people have previously uploaded artwork by the Springville “mystery” man in the past.

I look forward to his snow art every year. #Springville

A photo posted by @shananbalian on

Redditor d00vness submitted an image talking about the man in his town that is known for creating spray-painted sculptures in the snow.