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Local Man Turns Snow Into Colorful Sculptures

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Driving around the area, you’re bound to see one of his many colorful works of art

snow art featured

Source: imgur/ dovness

But who is this artist? Redditors claiming to know him, or saying that he’s a friend of a friend, describe him as shy and creative. not_ryan4 encouraged, “Strike up a conversation if you ever see him out in the yard.”

One thing locals can agree on: he’s a friendly and adventurous soul. And while a name wasn’t given, Redditors confirm that he’s known for spending time exploring the caves outside of Springville, often disappearing for days at a time.

Springville City snow art.

Posted by Dayton Gardner on Friday, December 28, 2012

What do you think of “snow-Banksy’s” art sculptures? We used to have a family that would construct giant snow sculptures in their yard each winter in my town, but these colors really step up the game! I wonder if it’s healthy for the ground once the snow melts…

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