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Longboarder Soars Down Colorado Mountainside at 70 MPH

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Zak Maytum Will Make Your Palms Sweat

Zak Matum on longboard stunt

Source: YouTube @venombushings

You might think this man is a totally insane, but it turns out this isn’t the first time downhill longboard racer Zak Maytum has pulled a stunt like this. Kids – don’t try this at home (or anyone really).

As a personal challenge Maytum decided he would soar down a Colorado highway outside of Boulder averaging at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. Oh, and did we mention that the speed limit is only 30? Watch as he comes about as close to flying as humanly possible without his own personal jet engine.

So how much is a ticket for reckless skateboarding again?

You also might assume that Maytum performed the stunt on a closed course. Nope, not the case. Note as he passes oncoming traffic, leans into tight curves, and even grabs the ground for support with special gloves, sending sparks shooting off into the air.

We’re glad he’s got on a helmet – but couldn’t he at least wear a leather jacket, or some other kind of protective gear other than a a fleece? My mommy genes are freaking out.

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Source: Longboarder soars down Colorado hill at 70mph! by VenomSkate on Rumble

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