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Love Disney? This Is the Dating Site for You

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Some of the best features on the site? The cursor is a mouse, which is adorable. The site lets you choose which Disney park is closest to you, so just in case you want a date you’ll never forget, you’ll know where to meet.

MouseMingle also lets you pick your favorite Disney characters and decide if you’re looking for a “Pluto person” (dog lovers) or “Cheshire cat people” (cat lovers). There’s even a whole section to select what type of Disney passes your special match will have.

Is there a catch? Well, like most things at Disney, this doesn’t come free. The monthly membership fee is $12.55, and as all Disney fans would of course know, the 55 is a reference to the year that the original park opened. Cute.

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Curious what the site entails, but still too shy to try? Here’s vlogger and Disney fan Nicole Wiseman making a profile and giving her feedback on the site. See what she has to say and then decide if you want to make a profile of your own!

Good luck, and be prepared to explore this whole digital new world!