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Macaulay Culkin Stars in New ‘Home Alone’ Sequel

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Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal

One of my favorite franchises from the ’90s, as well as two of my must-see films at Christmas time, Home Alone was a total game-changer when it came to kid’s movies.

I mean, who didn’t love watching this adorable little kid (shout out to Macaulay) defend his home (and then his aunt and uncle’s brownstone) against the most hilarious duo of Jewish/ Italian burglars the world had ever seen?

Unfortunately, as soon as the third movie came around, the entire series sort of died, quickly and painfully. Next thing you know, Macaulay had a beard and was pencil-thin, and it was around that time that all of us ’90s babies realized we had to grow up sooner or later.

But what if I told you that Kevin was back?

Manic Macaulay scream

Source: Twitter @VinePair/ YouTube @Jack Dishel

Start the slideshow below to see what Kevin McCallister has been up to since his scarring experiences with Harry and Marv! Then SHARE if you still love Home Alone.

13 Years Later…

home alone intro

Source: YouTube @Jack Dishel


home alone dryvrs

Source: Twitter @HUHmagazine

So what’s it all for? This hilarious video, entitled “Just Me In The House By Myself,” is the first episode of a new web series called :DRYVRS, a comedy that follows one man’s interactions with his weird and varied ride-share drivers. And honestly, haven’t we all been there?