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Major Historical Events Reimagined as Pornos

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American History XXX

Does your mind drift to certain, ahem, dirty places from time to time? If so, you’re not alone; it’s human nature. Certain names, jokes, or figures of speech make it easy for perverted jokes to pop up in the least likely of places. In this case: The pages of history.

Along with the birth and growth of the internet came the unprecedented accessibility to and diversity of pornography, but the trade and sale of nude or pornographic images and videos is as old as photography and videography themselves.

In fact, looking back in our history books, we have proof that famous figures—from Henry VIII to Mozart to Gandhi—had some seriously dirty minds. Hey, we’re only human.

Redditors were asked to rethink major historic events as porns, and let’s just say they rose to the task. Some of these will crack you up, but others are sure to have you lower your head in shame just for thinking about. Good luck!

history porn axis powers

Source: Reddit

One small step for man, but one giant… well, you know.


independence day fireworks wet emoji

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Independence Gay (Signalfailure)

The Whore of the Roses

teddy roosevelt rough riders


There could be a whole series: Vietnam Whore, the Revolutionary Whore, World Whore I, the sequel World Whore II, etc. (jgeorgeff89)

The Spanish-American Whore (hardspank916)

Featuring the Rough Riders (AsianRainbow)