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Make People Think You Have Your Life Together

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Is Your Life a Mess? People Will Never Know, Thanks to These Simple Tricks!

Appearances can be deceiving, and don’t we know it. The older we get, the easier it is to feel like things are just getting out of hand and slipping away from our control, but hey, that’s life.

Still, don’t you look around at some friends, neighbors, and coworkers and wonder just how they keep it all together? I can guarantee you that things may seem perfect on the surface, but underneath they’re just as crazy and confused as the rest of us.

But, in case you want to keep up with the Joneses, here’s a few simple life hacks that will convince just about everyone that comes over your house or apartment that you absolutely have your life together.

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These hysterical life hacks will definitely get the job done!

Put some big bottles of f*cking mineral water in the fridge.

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Clean your goddamn bathroom.

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