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Malaysian Makeup Artist Uses Hijab To Transform Into Disney Characters

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‘Thinga-Hijabs? I’ve Got Twenty!’

Queen Luna is a master of Disney in disguise. The incredible makeup artist from Malaysia recently skyrocketed to viral fame for using her hijab to help her transform into popular Disney characters (she knows her audience – the internet is obsessed with all things Disney princess.) The artist’s real name is Saraswati and she’s a self described “supermom, comicgeek, Tolkienite” etc., obsessed with all things in the world of cult nerddom. Saraswati is basically her own walking comic-con, and the extensiveness of her fandom is made proof positive through her incredible Instagram account.

But what we love most about Saraswati is her ability to normalize the politically charged garment and make the fabric into whatever she wants it to be – a wig, helmet, gown or fur. She’s even convinced some of her followers to give the hijab a try in their own wardrobe.

queen of luna as disney characters

Source: Instagram/@queenofluna

Here are some of our favorite transformations…


queen of luna as belle

Source: Instagram @queenofluna


Source: Instagram/@queenofluna

Source: Instagram @queenofluna