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Man Cuts Off Some Leg Muscle To See How It Tastes

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Warning: Graphic images ahead!

Vegetarians and vegans need not read on. This video is for the serious carnivores out there. We American eat lots of animals and since the onset of the serious foodie, we crave more tastes of the strange and exotic. I know I’m not the only person to wonder what other people taste like. While I’m probably not going to find out, science has. This brave volunteer for BBC offered up some of his flesh to find out if we are delicious or not.

greg foot in pain

Source: YouTube @Brit Lab


Every wonder what human meat tastes like? Then read on!

The man

greg foot bbc 01

Source: YouTube @Brit Lab

BBC presenter Greg Food is a host for the channel’s program called Brit Lab. With professional assistance, a piece of his muscle is extracted from his thigh.

The extraction

greg foot bbc biopsy

Source: YouTube @Brit Lab

With the help of a local anesthetic, Dr. Steves goes into good Greg’s thigh. They are just small chunks as one would do a biopsy.