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Man Cuts Off Some Leg Muscle To See How It Tastes

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The meat

chunks of thigh muscle biopsy

Source: YouTube @Brit Lab

Dr. Steve says what’s in the flesh is the connective tissue that wraps around muscle fibers. Greg asks, “Is that like when you gnaw on a chicken bone and there’s kinda like the string bits?” Yup!

The science

fake human meat

Source: Twitter @theotten

The testing reveals that the human flesh bits resembles the kind of muscle found in good ol’ chicken breast and fibers found in cuts of beef.

The taste

greg smelling cooked flesh

Source: YouTube @Brit Lab

In England, it’s illegal to eat human flesh. Even if it’s your own, it’s banned! (Not here in the US, though as long as you don’t murder or desecrate a corpse.) But trusty science helps nail down the flavor profile. Dr. Avinash Kant says aroma makes up “80% of the total composition of the flavor”. Despite Greg’s facial reaction, he says, “Actually, that smells quite nice!” He goes on to say it’s “really meaty”, more so than pork or chicken. Dr. Avinash says it’s a combination of beef and lamb.