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Man Rescues Bald Eagle With Just a Rifle… ‘Merica!

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Independence Day? Independence ALWAYS!

Just because it isn’t the July 4th anymore doesn’t mean that Americans have to stop being patriotic. Sure, a bunch of pretty lights blowing up in the sky is fun and festive, but there are some amazing heroes out there year round. No one knows this to be true more than military veterans, who love this country more than anything. Not only do they put their own lives on the line for our freedom and the freedom of others, but they continue to serve our country long after their tours of duty are up. Take, for example, US Army vet Jason Galvin, who on July 1st rescued our national bird, the bald eagle.

close up of bald eagle against blue sky

Credit: Steve Boice/Sutterstock

A Clever Idea

bald eagle trapped in pine tree

Source: Facebook @Jackie Gervais Galvin

Jason Galvin spotted a rare bald eagle caught in a tree in Rush City, Minnesota. He was about a mile from his family’s cabin, on his way to get some bait when he caught sight of the bird hanging upside-down from a rope tied to a pine tree. Since the eagle was about 75 feet off the ground, the only thing Galvin could immediately do to help was to grab his .22 caliber rifle. And it wasn’t to euthanize the trapped bird. Galvin was going to try to shoot down the branch to which the bird was tied.


jason galvin after he rescued bald eagle

Source: Facebook @Jackie Gervais Galvin

It is thought that the eagle was stuck for more than two days. Galvin’s neighbors called the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the police, but they were told there wasn’t anything to be done because the eagle was so high up in the tree. It took Galvin about 90 minutes and around 150 shots to take down the branch. “It was very windy and I was just waiting for the right shot,” he told local NBC affiliate Kare11.