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Man Reunites With Gay Brother After Christian Parents Kept Him Secret

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And the award for “Worst Parents” goes to…

Every child at one point in their life gets into an argument or disagreement with their parents and threatens to run away. The threat is usually empty, and if we follow through, it’s usually carried out until we reach the end of the block and realize the world is scary and run back to the comfort of our own homes. But imagine coming home and being turned away from your parents because they found out you were gay and then additionally hiding your existence from your younger brother. This is what happened to Reddit user throwaway4620048486’s brother but don’t worry, the story has a happy ending.

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See how the two reunited

The Original Post

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Reddit user throwaway4620048486 originally wrote a post on Reddit recalling how when he was younger, his brother went “missing” and how he believed his was still alive and well.

The user chose to remain anonymous, so for all intents and purposes, we will call him “Jon” and his older missing brother “Andrew”. Jon only has vague memories of his childhood with Andrew. There was a big age difference between them so whenever Andrew babysat, they would play in the yard. Andrew would pull Jon around in a wagon, they played N64, and Jon remembers occasionally seeing an older man come around and hang out when Andrew and Jon’s parents were out of the house.

Whispers in the Hallway.

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Credit: Getty Images/AFP


One night, when Andrew thought Jon was asleep, Jon overheard the two boys talking in the hallway. He recalls it was something about, ‘Don’t worry, he’s asleep.’ Jon remembers the older guy then said something he couldn’t hear, but Jon could make out the word ‘visit.’

Jon wrote on Reddit, “The next morning–the day he disappeared–my parents were at work. My brother was acting very strange. I remember he kept checking the clock. In the afternoon, I remember him picking me up and asking me if I wanted to go in the wagon. I was too hooked on Nintendo 64 and said no. He almost begged me and I said no again. Then he told me he had to run to our neighbor’s house for something, I don’t even remember what he said. I shouted at him ‘OKAY!’ because Super Mario was getting on my f***ing nerves and he wasn’t helping.

He gave me a hug and told me he loved me and left. He never came back.”