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Man Secretly Takes Photos in North Korea While Visiting

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Insightful Images Into the World’s “Forgotten Land”

To this day, North Korea remains the most mysterious nation on the planet. From its strict political regime to its government-controlled media and propaganda, the nation took on an isolationist policy of Juche in 1972 and has consistently distanced itself from the world ever since.

While people are still able to visit the country under specific conditions, the image they are typically provided is one of peace and prosperity, but external analyses prove that this “picture perfect” North Korea is far from the truth.

International organizations assess the human rights violations in North Korea to be on a level of their own, totally incomparable to anywhere else on the planet. Stories of starvation, disease, and torture seep forth from North Korean refugees who tell tales of malnutrition, prison camps, and strictly-enforced social classes that separate the privileged few in society from the mistreated masses.

On a guided tour to the country, Michal Huniewicz risked his personal safety by taking candid photographs although it was expressly prohibited outside of government-approved areas. These snapshots provide a unique look into the beauty and mystery of North Korea.

north korea 10

Source: imgur/ ShadowBun/ Michal Huniewicz

These are some of the things he saw…

Workers of the same profession were easily identifiable due to their identical uniforms.

north korea 1

Source: imgur/ ShadowBun/ Michal Huniewicz

Street cleaning is a common position that keeps up the nation’s focus on appearing to look good externally.

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Source: imgur/ ShadowBun/ Michal Huniewicz