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Mark Hamill Gives the Most EPIC Autographs

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Now I want to meet Mark Hamill more than ever.

Since its inception, and despite its varied cast of colorful characters of human and alien races alike, Luke Skywalker has always been the face of Star Wars.

Hamill was just 25 years old when Star Wars: A New Hope came out in 1977, and his name and image have been inextricably tied to the franchise ever since. Aside from further roles and extensive voice acting—primarily as the voice of the Joker in animated Batman series since 1992—Hamill will forever be Luke Skywalker in our hearts.

We just didn’t know that Luke had such a good sense of humor.

Keep reading to see a hysterical collection of Mark Hamill autographs that will crack up any Star Wars fan and show you a new side of the actor you may not have known existed.

mark hamill intro

Source: Imgur/ CityofWalls

Which of these cheeky autographs is your favorite?

That slime would make you want to leave Tatooine, too. No offense, Aunt Beru.

mark hamill 1

Source: Imgur/ CityofWalls

So that’s how Luke passed his time on the moisture farm.

mark hamill 2

Source: Imgur/ CityofWalls