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Maryland Bus Driver Saves Kids From Burning Bus

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A hero in disguise!

Heroes don’t always come with a mask and cape. In fact, they come in all shapes in sizes. A hero might look like that person about to donate blood and save three lives. They might look like a police officer or a teacher or a soldier. Renita Smith, the Maryland school bus driver who just saved 20 students in her charge from a horrific bus fire, believes that moms are heroes: “You wear a lot of hats, and (motherhood) doesn’t come with a pamphlet, so you have to get right in there and just do it.” This is her chilling tale!


Source: ABC

Thank goodness this has a happy ending!

Maintenance Troubles


Source: Facebook/Renita Smith

Bus driver Renita Smith said she had just made her third or fourth stop on her bus route transporting children, ranging in ages 4 to 9, from Robert Goddard Elementary School in College Park, Maryland, when the dashboard of the bus began beeping.

“I thought I had time to get to the next stop,” she said, “which was maybe a block or two away, but that didn’t happen.”

Smoke and Mirrors


Source: ABC

By the time Renita reached a stop sign, she knew something was extremely wrong. “We didn’t see the smoke but we could smell it … and the smell, I can’t explain it, was horrible, and the kids were saying, ‘Ms. Bus Driver, the bus is smoking.’”

Smith attempted to call her transportation manager. But, she said, “when I picked up the radio and I looked through my side rearview mirror, I saw the fire.”