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Mattress Store Promotes Their 9/11 Sale by Knocking Down ‘Twin Towers’ of Mattresses

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How Dumb Can People Be?

21 seconds.

21 seconds is all it took for an established business to ruin its reputation forever, simultaneously insulting the memory of the near 3,000 people that died on 9/11 as well as make a cruel mockery of the millions of lives forever scarred by that terrible day.

As we approach the 15th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001, many of us will look back and remember where we were at the exact moment we first heard the news. Others will educate younger students, relatives, and friends about that day, its significance not only in American history but in the global course of human events. And more importantly, we will reflect on the profound personal toll it has taken on countless lives that were forever changed, both directly and indirectly, that day.

15 years removed from that fateful day, we have seen the New York City skyline change and grow ever taller, ever more impressive; we have seen millions of lives change, grow, and end; we have seen wars begin, finish, and drag on, impacting more lives in ways we cannot even begin to imagine; and we have seen the establishing of Patriot Day, a grave nod to the lives lost in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania as well as to the resiliency of Americans and the international community following the acts of terror.

But the last thing we expect to see around such a sobering anniversary is humor, mockery, and insult. Sadly, for several workers at a Texas-based mattress company, 9/11 was nothing more than the opportunity for a nauseating promotion.

miracle mattress 9:11 commercial

Source: YouTube/ Jamie Barrientos

You have to see this commercial to believe it.

Miracle Mattress

miracle mattress workers 9:11

Source: Facebook/ Miracle Mattress

On Thursday, September 8th, a frankly shocking, distressingly un-self aware promotional video was posted to the Facebook page of Miracle Mattress, a mattress and bedding store in San Antonio, Texas. Featuring several workers already known for participating in the company’s corny and wacky web commercials, this latest ad was promoting a 9/11-themed “Twin Tower Sale.”

Did you just vomit a little bit in your mouth? Because yes, this is all real. And it gets worse.

The commercial, starring Cherise Bonanno, the daughter of Miracle Mattress Owner Mike Bonanno, features two “twin towers” of mattresses, complete with an American flag, in the background, and—you guessed it—they get knocked over at the end.

Who thinks of these things? Who writes the script, acts in the commercial, films it, edits it, and uploads it to social media without stopping to think “Hmm, you know what? Maybe not.” And forget that, because who even thinks that a 9/11-themed sale is appropriate in the first place? The lack of self awareness is frightening. See for yourself.

The Ad

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“What better way to remember 9/11 than with a Twin Tower Sale?” the 21-second ad begins.

Complete with the typically horrible acting and painfully forced excitement we’re used to in most furniture commercials, this Miracle Mattress ad was already annoying. But annoyance quickly makes way for repulsion once we realize just what’s going on here.

As if the whole concept weren’t disgraceful enough, the commercial ends with the two male representatives falling over backwards and knocking over the mattress “Twin Towers” amid the screams from the Cherise Bonanno, who adds in a quick “We’ll never forget” button to end the sickening 21 seconds. Watch it at your own risk.