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Meet The Competetive Body Builder with Down Syndrome

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Meet the person and, now, reason to get off your butt and get to the gym: Collin Clarke. He is a 22-year-old body builder from Evansville, Indiana, who was born with Down Syndrome. Clarke placed fifth in his class at the Kentucky Muscle Competition in Louisville, Kentucky, on November 14.

Less than a year ago Clarke was overweight and then he started training with Glenn Ubelhor at Bob’s Gym North in Evansville. He started to shed the pounds and built muscle as as he worked toward his dream of competing in a bodybuilding competition.

Clarke also took home with the “Most Inspirational” prize from the event.

Here’s Collin back in January:

colin clark january 2015

Source: Facebook @Collin Clarke

Want to see what he looked like at the competition?

Getting fit! Here he is in March 2015:

collin clarke march 2015

Source: Facebook @Collin Clarke

Beefcake! Just last month:

collin clarke october 2015

Source: Facebook @Collin Clarke