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Meet The Man Who Received The First Penis Transplant In The United States

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The First Penis Transplant In The U.S. Has Been Completed

Every man values their penis. It’s just reality. So, when 64-year-old Thomas Manning was diagnosed with cancer, he succumbed to the fact that he no longer would have a penis anymore. Fortunately for him, he was able to bounce back resiliently because of modern science.

Now, Manning is no longer a sufferer and can revel in the fact that he now has a penis once again. All it took was a bit of science, and a bit of luck to make Manning’s dream come to fruition.

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This transplant can eventually become something big in the United States.

The Story of Thomas Manning

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In 2012, Manning was hospitalized after a freak accident at work. There, at the hospital, doctors noticed an abnormal growth on his penis. He was told he had penile cancer, which is considered to be extremely fatal. In order to save his life, doctors suggested partial penectomy, and that involved the removal of most of his penis. “I would’ve been in the ground two years ago,” says Manning to the New York Times if he didn’t land in the hospital that one fateful night.

Penile Cancer Is Rare But Fatal

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According to NYT, Penile Cancer is extremely rare, but fatal, nonetheless. It begins in the penis and then works its way through the body. There’s about 2,030 new cases this year, and 340 are expected to die from it in the United States.