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Meet the Unicorn That Will Change the Way You Poo

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We’re Obsessed With a Pooping Unicorn

unicorn pooping

Source: YouTube/SquattyPotty

Love soft serve? Duh. Love rainbow soft serve? Double duh. Ever wonder where it comes from? Unicorn bowl movements.

It’s true – the people at squatty potty told me so.

A new commercial for the product has gone viral because, well, it’s simply amazing. Aside from watching a muppet unicorn poop over and over again (his/her constipated face is our favorite,) you’re led through an educational message about how the sphincter is set up to work best from the squatting position. Which if you think about it makes total sense. Toilets as we know them are a relatively modern advent in the big-picture of humanity – we have a much longer history with simply popping-a-squat in the woods to take care of mother nature’s most humbling act.

We could literally quote every line from the script of this commercial…but we’ll give you our three favorites just to get you psyched to watch the full version below.

“Voila – the muscle relaxes and that kink goes away faster than pegasus laying a sweet sherbet dookie.”

“Plop plop, baby!”

An Amazon reviewer’s haiku:

“Oh squatty potty
You fill me with endless joy
Yet leave me empty.”

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