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Meet The Woman With The Most ‘Scientifically’ Beautiful Face

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Florence Colgate’s Face Is Mathematic Perfection

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but if those beholders are scientists, there’s a very specific equation that must be quantitatively represented to realize the ideal proportions for the most naturally beautiful face in the world. (Here’s a hint: It’s not the Mona Lisa.)

In a 2012 national U.K. competition called “Lorraine: Naked” 8,000 entrants put their faces on the line see who’s mug would wind up being the most scientifically “perfect” — no makeup and no plastic surgery allowed!

Here’s the stunning 18-year-old who took the crown…

back of blonde's head

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This is Britain’s “most beautiful” face…

Meet Florence Colgate

florence colgate

Credit: Twitter @flo245

After analyzing 8,000 faces on the standardized measurements for ideal beauty, 18-year-old Dover Grammar student Florence Colgate was deemed the winner of the competition. And while her blonde hair and blue eyes are stunning to be sure, it turns out that her face shape is actually what demonstrates an international blueprint for the optimum ratio between mouth, forehead, eyes and chin.

Let’s break those stats down for a moment…

Symmetry Is Sexy

florence colgate

Credit: Twitter @flo245

Humans are naturally drawn to symmetry. Research has found that facial symmetry is an overall cue for good health and genetic fitness in other humans (in other words, they’d make a perfect mate! Thanks Darwinism.)